New 3 Bit Band teaser trailer!

Now with Ghouls’n'Ghosts, Double Dragon & Contra!

This concert will take place on April the 26th in Matadero Square (RetroMadrid 2014). Free entrance!!

Have fun and enjoy:

Trilo Tracker Tutorial and news

Hi to Everyone!

You can download the complete TriloTracker tutorial here.

News: Very soon, It will be released a new update (0.8.0) of Trilo Tracker. STAY TUNED!

3 bit band in RetroMadrid 2014!

Hi to Everyone!

I’m proud to announce our next performance in RetroMadrid 2014. We are preparing this band especially for the fair. We will perform some of the most famous pieces of the 8-bit era. Be prepared:

Trilo Tracker (beta) is HERE!!

Yesterday it was the official presentation of the TriloTracker at the Nijmegen fair (Netherlands). This incredible tool has been developed by Trilobyte soft. Master John Hassink performed a demonstration of the basics for all the audience and it was a big success. At the moment the tracker is a beta version, but in the next future we will have an awesome pack:

-An ASM replayer as quick and efficient -or more- than Konami’s original one

-A complete PDF tutorial with 3 floppys (made by me) full of songs, waveforms and instrument sets for giving support to those who want to get started with the tracker.

-A more stable version (I have heard they want to give support to FM sound and Lo-res samples as well…)

Is this the HOLY GRAIL of MSX trackers?  (-> YEAH IT IS!!)

(More news will be added soon)

Wizards – The Magical Concert (this Xmas)

Hi to Everyone!

I’m proud to announce the next game for this Xmas: Wizards – The Magical Concert (by Pixel Crusaders Studios)

This iphone/ipad game is about fireworks, music & magic. I composed the OST with more than 30 tracks. This time it has AAA quality and almost 60 minutes of music. Please enjoy the trailer until the release date (very soon):

Maldita Castilla won the 1st prize!

We are proud to anounce that Maldita Castilla has been awarded with the HóPLAY 2013 prize – Sound and Music the last 27th of November.

This international competition has received more than 110 projects from 12 countries like USA, Canada, Belgium, Singapore or Argentina.

The winners (above) with their thopy: a precious crystal sculpture and one reward of 5,000€. Nice!

Here the complete list:

-Best idea for Gods Will Be Watching (by Deconstruct Team)

-Best creative design for Shiny the Firefly (by Stage Clear Studios)

-Best Gameplay for Nihilumbra (by Beautifun games)

-Best sound/music for Maldita Castilla (by Locomalito/Gryzor87)

-Best Basque game for Umbra Chronicles (by Red Monkeys Team/Digipen Institute of Technology)

We found a really warm reception at Basque Country, spectacular food and very nice people. Our gratitude/appreciation to them all.